The first step is to analize your project in details, understand how your business works and your sales process in place.


The second step is to elaborate the overall marketing strategy. Based on your competitors and on the market I'll write a report in which I explain how I want to market your digital product.


According to the overall strategy, the third step is to implement the lead generation machine and the funnel. This part includes different paid advertising platforms and the SEO on Google and Youtube.


The last step is to manage the lead generation machine and the funnel in order to make continuous improvements and to optimize the overall process.

My Collaborations

Online Marketing For Your Digital Products

I specialize in the ideation and implementation of the marketing strategy and in the lead generation for digital products.

My focus is to find the winning recipe:
[Right market + Right message + Right product = Success]

To do that, I plan my work based on the following framework:

1) Lead generation machine - To generate the right potential customers.
2) Lead nurturing process - To position yourself as the best choice
3) Lead conversion machine - To convert them into paying customers
4) Upsell, crossell and referral system - To make the most out of your customers

After the first strategic call, if your project is suitable I'll contact you in order to proceed with the next steps.


Fabio Vantaggiato
Fabio Vantaggiato

I’ve been working with Oscar for 6 months managing the marketing part of iBicocca. During this period I could notice Oscar’s online marketing skills that added a real value to the project.

Cosmin Mesenschi
Cosmin Mesenschi

Oscar is a really determined person, when he starts to focus on one project he gives his all. He has clear ideas when it comes to make decision instead of get stuck in details that are not important. His online marketing skills can add to your project a significant value.

Luigi Bresciani
Luigi Bresciani

Oscar has been leading the project I was working in and he proved to be a good leader. He’s extremely positive and thanks to his experience in online marketing I was able to learn a lot. Oscar is a very positive and energetic person with a remarkable spirit of enterprise.